POAP Historical moments

Here is a personal selection of a few historical and captivating POAP events. You can find some more in this topic on the POAP forum. 🌟


On July 16th 2021, XCOPY, one of the most famous crypto artists, launched a gallery in Decentraland. Players who were at the Crash Site during launch were offered the following POAP.

View of the XCOPY Crash Site in Decentraland

A few months later, the XCOPY POAP was sought after and had great value to collectors. Some malicious actors manipulated the minting system to mint more XCOPY POAPs and sell them. Only a few were bought before the issue was fixed.

The artist designed a beautiful and historical REKT POAP which was given to the unfortunate souls who bought the fraudulently issued POAPs. The disappointed buyers were then really happy to receive such collector piece.


Beacon Chain Genesis Depositor

This iconic POAP was given to true ETH believers who deposited 32 ETH in the beacon chain genesis contract. Beacon Chain introduced proof-of-stake to secure Ethereum. The transition to proof-of-stake will make Ethereum significantly more secure and decentralized!

Beacon Chain Genesis Depositor POAP

The Beacon Chain Genesis Depositor POAP is awarded to each unique address that submitted a 32 Ether deposit in the beacon chain genesis contract before November 24 2020.

You can read more about Beacon Chain here.

International Friendship Day

On July 30th 2021, during the raging bull market Coca-Cola released its first ever NFT, called Friendship Box.

What is less known is that they also held an event in Decentraland where they gave away a bottle cap POAP. One of the most recognisable brands in the world was giving away a POAP! This was an awesome experience 🔥

International Friendship Day POAP

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